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We Are More Than Sales Process Consultants

Our team at Cultivate Advisors has decades of sales process consulting experience. We’ll help you identify any gaps in your current funnel, share best practices and build a process to improve conversion at each step.

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What Are the Benefits of an
Optimized Sales Process?

If you’ve never considered the benefits of hiring sales process consultants, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reach new levels of success for your business. In fact, a study found that 51% of companies that were evaluated didn’t have a formalized and structured sales process.

If you currently have a sales process that’s strong, using an optimized process ensures that each customer’s experience with your sales team is unique and tailored to their needs. Here are some benefits of using an optimized sales process for your business:

  • Reduces your sales costs by defining the optimal engagement of selling resources
  • Helps establish a standard for accurate forecasting
  • Reduces the ramp-up time for new sales hires and outlines a path toward success
  • Aligns CRM applications with the sales process to increase system adoption
  • Outlines the standards for effective pipeline and quality reviews
  • Improves the overall customer experience with your sales teams and results in more loyal customers
  • Helps your marketing team align with your sales efforts
What Are the Benefits of an <br><span class="m-heading__italic m-heading__snd-line">Optimized Sales Process?</span>

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How We Help You Develop
a Champion Sales Strategy

step 1

Align on Goals and Objectives

Our first step is to make sure that the objectives and goals for sales improvement align with the company’s growth strategy. This includes staffing the project with the talent and resources to achieve success.

Align on Goals and Objectives

step 2

Assess the Current State

From there, we will work alongside your sales team to get a better understanding of the current state and identify performance gaps. Once we have a clearer picture of existing operations, we can start to plan for better outcomes.

Assess the Current State

step 3

Develop Effective Practices

Next, your advisor will work to transfer our knowledge into tangible best practices and talk about methods and tools that can help you reach your desired sales performance.

Develop Effective Practices

step 4

Implement New Practices

Once we’ve worked alongside your sales team, it’s time for them to implement their new knowledge! We will monitor their behavior and help them feel more comfortable in a real-world setting.

Implement New Practices

step 5

Analyze the Results

Finally, we will reflect on the new efforts and gauge the success of the optimized sales process. If needed, we will realign any organizational systems and procedures to make sure success is ongoing.

Instill Tactical Initiatives

Optimizing the Sales Process Is
Just a Part of the Workflow

As we perform the same duties as sales process consulting firms, you might think that this is all that we offer. However, this is only one example of how we can help take a high-level approach to improve your business. We use a unique 6-propeller methodology and sales process consulting is only one of them.

Optimizing the Sales Process Is<br><span class="m-heading__italic toolkits-about__heading-italic"> Just a Part of the Workflow</span>

Meet Our Team ofSales Advisors

We’re only as successful as our team of sales process consultants. Rest assured that you’re in great hands with each of our team members. Get to know them better below.

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Agata Chydzinski

Agata Chydzinski

Senior Business Advisor

Denver, CO

Angi Semler Welch

Angi Semler Welch

Cohort Leader | Partner


Greg Maddox

Greg Maddox

Senior Business Advisor

Chicago, IL

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See How We Helped Other Business Owners

One of the best ways to see the success of our sales process consulting is by looking through examples of our work. We have experience working with companies of all sizes and in countless industries, giving us the necessary expertise to help you navigate toward success.

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