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Pam Nurrie

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Pam Nurrie wanted to own a company for as long as she can remember, and her success proves that she was born for business. A people-person and entrepreneur-at-heart, Pam has a strong track record of strengthening leaders, enhancing revenue, and developing high-performing teams.

When Pam founded her engineering company, she had no experience in the field but quickly  learned that “finding people smarter than you and hiring the right team are keys to success.” Building from the ground up, Pam grew her 100% woman-owned business to 50 employees with multiple millions in annual revenue. After twenty years, Pam sold her engineering company and returned to school to learn evidence-based coaching. Passionate about leadership development, Pam has been a consultant for the past twelve years, helping CEOs of startups and mature companies across a wide spectrum of industries. Pam feels that if she can teach someone what it took her twenty years to learn in one year, that’s time well spent.  

Pam Nurrie
As a Cultivate Advisor, she loves collaborating with a talented team to help other owners lay an excellent business foundation with the right pillars for longevity and profit.
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One of Pam’s clients had purchased an established business but, after seven years realized he needed to put some fundamentals into place. She helped him create a solid mission and vision and improved company culture for enhanced employee engagement and retention. 

Pam helps her clients scale product and service teams for optimum effectiveness. Ever resourceful and encouraging, Pam is thrilled to watch her clients increase revenue growth, develop leadership skills, produce higher functioning teams, improve organizational processes and find clarity in their vision. She has developed a process called The Entrepreneurial Way, whose objective is to accelerate systems and processes to allow for quick traction and organization in a setting where leadership team accountability is paramount. 

Having just relocated from Kansas City to Tampa, Pam is happy to flee the bitter cold and enjoy the outdoors. A water sport enthusiast and avid road cyclist, she recently purchased her first motorcycle, a 2019 Triumph Bonneville. She also enjoys skiing, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. 

Pam Nurrie