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Michael Satchell

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Michael Satchell’s 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner ushered him through recessions, market crashes, and explosive growth cycles. By creating and implementing smart processes, he achieved success through every imaginable scenario. As a Cultivate Advisor, Michael uses his hard-earned wisdom to help other entrepreneurs build the right mindset and structure to enhance their businesses and carry them through changing times. 

Michael began his management career in 1982 and became an entrepreneur in the 1990’s. As a seasoned business owner, problem-solver, and hands-on leader, Michael knows how to combine powerful “old-school” tactics with the enormous value of social media platforms and online tools. 

Michael Satchell
A skilled communicator and presenter, Michael has a rich track record of leadership, team building, and mentorship. Although the company he founded involves commercial cleaning and restoration, all industries have similar issues related to growth, capacity, and scalability.
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Michael helps entrepreneurs in various fields set goals, create processes, balance their lives, and change direction when necessary. Offering his clients accountability and the loyal assistance of a committed partner, he is passionate about helping clients envision the future time they will exit the business; then, he takes them through steps to achieve that goal. 

Michael lives in Denver, where he has been coaching basketball at the middle school and high school levels for over twenty years. In addition to helping build athletic acumen, he is dedicated to mentoring youth to the next levels of education and life.