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Micah Kraemer

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Micah Kraemer is an entrepreneur that is passionate about helping small business owners achieve their growth goals. Her experience as a business owner enables her to give practical strategies to navigate even the most daunting business challenges. 

As a multi-unit franchise owner in the boutique fitness industry, Micah has proven experience in starting and growing businesses. She conceptualized and opened the first boutique fitness franchise in Reno, Nevada. Her company consistently performed in the top 25% of all Pure Barre studios nationally, and she successfully opened a second location using the same principles that made her initial store profitable. 

Micah Kraemer
Now, Micah’s clients benefit from her expertise as an innovative leader. They develop an entrepreneurial mindset with Micah’s help and use her proven techniques to launch new business operations and drive revenue goals. Clients work with Micah to uncover their driving needs and develop targeted strategies and solutions.
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As a strong leader with deep expertise in operations, Micah’s experience in the franchise world has been hugely helpful in running businesses efficiently. Micah uses a holistic business advisory approach and focuses on the big picture when running a company. Managing 3 businesses through COVID provided her with valuable experience in being adaptable and creative.

No successful business runs independently— leaders need effective teams to take their companies to the next level. Micah has proven success in identifying and recruiting talented employees. She helps clients create organization charts, find the right individuals to fill these roles, and build efficient teams.

Beyond recruiting talent, many owners struggle to manage employees. Micah helps leaders identify issues with their teams and helps them work through these to be more efficient and profitable.

Clients who work with Micah not only benefit from her practical advice but become stronger and more confident leaders in the process. They learn how to create sales and marketing plans, streamline operations, and attract top talent to grow their businesses. 

Micah chose to bring her talents to Cultivate because of its inspiring culture. She enjoys working with a group of talented individuals who have a wide range of experiences and expertise across multiple industries.

When not working at Cultivate, Micah spends much of her free time traveling for her 3 children’s sports teams. In addition, she loves traveling, scuba diving, and spending as much time as possible in Lake Tahoe.