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Kyle Werych

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When it comes to running a company, Kyle has experienced it all. He’s operated in and understands the systems of successful Fortune 100 companies and has worn all the hats in a small business. As a generalist and practitioner, Kyle is experienced and skilled in most all business fundamentals.

Kyle’s traditional career path landed him as a successful—but dissatisfied—leader in corporate America. Tired of communication silos and slow, bureaucratic decision-making, Kyle opted instead for the speed and agility of a small business. He brought an established but fledging healthcare language access company back to life. By bringing back profitability, diversifying services, and growing it over the years, Kyle replaced himself and exited the business successfully.

Kyle Werych
From Kyle’s deep experience in all aspects of business, he advises his clients on everything from finance to sales to systems to people. Kyle loves people and learning. He cares deeply for the businesses and owners he partners with and makes their goals his own. 
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Over the years, Kyle has established meaningful personal and professional relationships with his clients and celebrates their successes alongside them. He’s helped companies scale through all the stages – helping solopreneurs get their businesses out of their basements, proving models, supporting clients and talent acquisition, and coaching fully developed leadership teams. Kyle gives his clients the framework to implement core processes and workflows so that their team is no longer dependent on them, maximize enterprise value, and achieve successful, multi-million dollar exits.

As a practitioner, Kyle’s happy to jump into the trenches with his clients where needed and appropriate, often serving as fractional CFO, COO, and/or CGO. Kyle helps his clients navigate the challenges of transitions. He’s built and led recruiting engines, sales engines, and employee management systems. Kyle’s helped clients overhaul financial and accounting systems, implement budgeting and forecast systems, facilitate onboarding processes, coach salespeople, and more – including mediating messy partnerships and family-own businesses in support of seeing the owners and their businesses thrive. 

After working with Kyle, his clients benefit from documented systems, elevated skills, more mature leadership, and a wider and more valuable professional network. In most cases, they find that they have a business that is much more valuable and fun to own.

Kyle lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife and four growing kids. However, with family roots in Wisconsin, you’ll still find him cheering on his favorite Wisconsin sports teams. In addition, he is passionate about his faith, woodworking, golf, and good food. When he’s not working, you’ll likely find him with his family, exploring the outdoors and trying new things.

Kyle WerychKyle Werych