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With more than 18 years of experience, Diesha Cooper has seen all aspects of growing a small business from $0 to multiple seven-figures. Since helping to found a custom metal fabrication company with her father in 2003, she learned all about running a business until she bought it with her two brothers in 2014. Under her leadership, she took the small sole proprietorship of $400,000 to a thriving S Corp over $2 million in just seven years.

Today, Diesha excels at helping creative entrepreneurs strategically monetize their work. She helps skilled business owners meet their financial goals and build their dream businesses. Her years of working alongside industrial engineers and technicians as both a business administrator and CFO gave her extensive experience in keeping industry experts on track to meet growth goals.

Diesha Cooper
Many business owners who try to run everything alone struggle to reach their goals and aspirations for their companies. It can be challenging to maintain objectivity and accountability alone. Diesha's extensive experience as a business administrator and CFO puts her in a unique position to fill industry experts' gaps when running their own small businesses.
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Diesha helps entrepreneurs create a strategic growth plan for their business and supports them in reaching their goals through curated advising and fractional CFO work. She is well known in her community as a thought leader and entrepreneur who believes in the power of collaboration.

Small businesses lead the US market in innovation but lag in economic share. Diesha is passionate about helping small businesses regain their market share by helping them become more financially viable with a sustainable plan for growth. Her clients benefit from her practical steps to growing their business, including financial forecasting, strategic planning, operations documentation, sales forecasting, employee retention strategies, and strategic marketing.

Diesha chose to team with Cultivate Advisors because she wanted to provide small businesses with her skills to support them where they need it most. She loves working with teammates that are as passionate as she is about helping entrepreneurs build their dream businesses.

Diesha is an avid gardener and practices holistic health and wellness. She is actively involved in Lancaster’s swing and blues dance community. She also loves cooking and baking and can be found hosting dinner parties for friends on the weekends.

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