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Chris Chiros

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Chris Chiros ran an apparel and footwear company in his mom’s garage – until the business quickly outgrew it. After adding a warehouse and a team of fifteen, Chris continued to sell products directly to global consumers across various platforms. As an owner, Chris recruited, hired, developed leadership, and created sound operational standards. He also offered exceptional listening and communication skills that created trust and confidence within his team. 

Before launching his business, Chris spent seven years as a retail district manager. His varied background as a manager, owner, and operator allows him to create a smooth workflow, keep everyone accountable, and achieve great results. As a Cultivate Advisor, he helps fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners find success through leadership development, smart recruiting strategies, smooth operational structures, and enhanced company culture. 

Chris Chiros
Functioning as the advisor he needed when growing his own business, Chris also helps leaders improve turnover percentage, hire well, and reach their goals through strategic planning and execution.
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For Chris, the most fulfilling part of Cultivate is getting in front of entrepreneurs and drawing on his own experience to guide them through the ups and downs of business. He is passionate about helping owners get their time back, and watching them make progress and gain confidence is a huge reward. 

Chris has lived in the Chicagoland area his entire life. When he’s not helping other entrepreneurs, he enjoys adventuring or hanging out with his wife, two sons, and the family dog (Pickles). Chris is also a huge college basketball fan – Go DePaul Blue Demons!

Chris ChirosChris Chiros