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Brad Kreutz

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With over 5,000 client hours advised, Brad Kreutz is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow. As an experienced entrepreneur, Brad learns the ins and outs of each client’s business, works closely with the business owner on the right strategies, and enthusiastically celebrates every client’s success. He loves “being the rhythm guitarist and allowing the client to take the spotlight.”

It’s not a mystery why Brad’s clients tend to stick around – He helped one law firm grow 444% from $695K in 2019 to a $3.7MM trend in 2022, and another client has tripled revenue and increased average client projects from $16,000 to $37,000+, since their first meeting. With Brad’s assistance, a property management company was able to build, scale and exit the business at a premium while improving all KPIs across the board.

Brad Kreutz
With unique roles in several different companies, Brad has handled every aspect of running a business.
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He took an unprofitable t-shirt business and turned it around by transforming operations to digital print-on-demand. He created a telesales team for a cigar company to drive more revenue and then trained a replacement to run daily operations so he could focus on another business. Starting as second in command, Brad built a product development team to take a business concept from an idea to a revenue-generating platform. With the typical successes and failures along the way, Brad has learned to assess complex situations, uncover blind spots, and approach problem-solving from several angles.

As a Cultivate Advisor, Brad enjoys working with passionate owners who need help propelling their business to the next level. He knows it’s exhausting to wrestle with all of the responsibilities and roles of ownership. But, after consulting 100+ small businesses, Brad has the experience and resources to help entrepreneurs prioritize, delegate, overcome, grow and succeed.

Brad lives in Denver, Colorado, with his wife Julie and sons Leopold and August. He enjoys skiing, hiking, and cheering on Chicago sports teams. Besides knowing a lot about t-shirts, cigars, and all things business, Brad was once a happy Space Camper.


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