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Autumn Joyce is a Partner & Cohort Leader at Cultivate Advisors, where she serves as a coach and mentor for other advisors. To her clients, she is the trusted confidant and business advisor she wished for when she was an entrepreneur.

Business is in her DNA, and she knows first-hand the joys and risks of launching a business. For nine years, she owned and operated a highly successful outdoor apparel and ski shop, then went on to head operations and open multiple retail stores for iconic global lifestyle brands throughout the U.S. and North America. With over 20 years of retail business experience, Autumn’s expertise spans e-commerce to stores to direct-to-consumer brands. 

Autumn Joyce
Autumn knows first-hand the hard work, commitment, and determination it takes to build and grow a business. As a top-producing business advisor, she helps her clients identify obstacles by developing smart and actionable business strategies, preparing for challenges, and helping them avoid the pitfalls small business owners face in growth. She specializes in entrepreneurial mentorship, talent recruitment, consumer behavior, and systems development.
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Working with nonprofits, solopreneurs, B2B, B2C, and franchise owners – her clientele range from one-woman culinary powerhouses to $25 million businesses employing 250 people.

She’s both a cheerleader and unwavering coach, celebrating weekly wins and initiating tough conversations so her clients can understand and solve unique challenges to their businesses.

Joining Cultivate Advisors in January 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic hit, Autumn, helped her clients navigate the rough, unknown waters of the pandemic while she was carving out her own brand of consulting skills, becoming an even more resilient partner to her clients and emerging as one of Cultivate Advisor’s highest revenue earners. Through honesty, tough love, and encouragement, Autumn helps each of her clients achieve far beyond what they thought possible for their business.

Autumn is surrounded by entrepreneurs in both her professional and personal life. She married an entrepreneur- both are avid travelers and adventurers who now reside in Columbus, Ohio. Autumn brings a passion for family, community, and for helping others build their business dreams.

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