Using an Assessment Tool to Recruit & Lead


As you close out 2020 and begin the annual review process for your business and your team, it’s important to look ahead to next year.

What tools do you have to ensure you’re leading your team and growing your business next year?

As a member of the Cultivate community, you have access to exclusive tools and resources, free with your Cultivate membership.

For this webinar, VP of Client Success, Vince Carone, is going to walk you through the newest tool to join Cultivate: The AccuMax Assessment.

In this 60-minute workshop, we’ll walk you through:

  • The value of assessment tools in your business
  • How to use the AccuMax Assessment to hire A+ talent
  • How to use this tool to lead your team members effectively

Ensure you are prepared for a successful 2021 and join the Cultivate team for the final webinar of the year.

Using an Assessment Tool to Recruit & Lead

Using an Assessment Tool to Recruit & Lead

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